Zip Line

Zip Line Tours by HKS Designer & Consultants Co. Ltd.

HKS Designer & Consultants Co. Ltd. has the expertise of implementing zipline tours which is a good practice of ecotourism.

What is Zip line tour?

Zip line tours take place high above the ground on cables and many people are familiar with them from movies or internet videos. They’re also fast-moving, with the world’s fastest traveling at more than 100 mph, making zip lines popular with adventure seekers.

Zip lines are the perfect format for ecotourism in heavily forested areas because they use the natural environment as the primary infrastructure for ecotourism activities. Though there are some logistical challenges to building tour lines through the existing environment, push climbing has been extremely successful in doing so and conversing the natural state. Our first park in Mon State was built without cutting down any trees. The building is structured from steel which could be eventually reused or transferred.

What makes zip line tours so popular with tourists is that they offer education on the local environment and is allows travelers to experience a breathtaking ride. About 70 percent of rainforest life is up in the tree canopy, which is precisely where the zip lines start to run. There’s no better way to get an up-close look at the birds, reptiles, and bugs populating the region, and it can be done without disrupting their natural habitats.

Our aim is serve our clients based on their requirements for implementing zipline tours and enable tourist with a breathtaking experience!